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GoalZap - Get live Football Scores and Information

Real time goal alerts and information from matches in the top leagues, the premiership, La liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1, as well as Champions League.

Game info: Top Scorers, League Position, Team News, etc
Enhanced Visual Experience
In-Play Updates
Upcoming Game Alerts
Major Football Leagues around the World
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Achieve the ultimate fitness, indoors
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Diamond Heist - Gem Grab
Grab the Gem on the Run - Police Chase
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Main Features

Appydeys provide expertise in creative digital media, to open up your services, products, or campaign, to the outside world. Count on us for expertise on creative mobile apps (IOS, Android, Windows), visual medium - campaign videos, animations, product awareness, and service. Tell a story about your grand ideas, or reach thousands of customers, and clients, we can make this possible for you through our mobile app delivery and videos of various genre(animaions, avatar, live, and transition styles) and design.
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Fast Support

Our support is fast and accessible. There are lots of ways we can be of support to you, even as a first time enquirer, or ongoing case with us. We provide live support on any of our enterprise mobile solutions. If you require proposals, we will not hesistate to send some of our accomplished consultants in the business. Our solution comes with concise, and well illustrated materials - documents, graphics, and video guides. In addition, we are on stand-by for your assistance, feel free to contact us on any of your issues Contact Us

Creative Visuals

Let us help increase your revenue, and awareness by enabling your business, or organisation to take advantage of video. Websites containing videos engage customers on a different level, as the average internet user spends 85% more time on a website that provide video content. Also different styles of videos have more engagement with viewers based on topic. This is where we come in with our different styles to fit your ideas. Videos can also increase web traffic and rankings on search sites like google and youtube. We have the skills, creative talent and the latest technology to deliver impressive, and cost effective solution; we will provide animations, avatar, live, and various transition style videos for your web and offline videos let us bring your intentions to life.

User Experience

Appydeys will walkthrough with you on the ultimate user experience you require for your mobile applications, we have a team of UI people to generate multiple choices of User experience to select from for your top quality mobile user experience - Restaurants, Medical, Sport, Fitness, Social Media, Games, Productivity, e-Commerce


Appydeys provide highly responsive system solutions be it on mobile devices, or on web platform. We provide extremely lean, and fast optimized performance, from fast UI loads to backend data response, and highly efficient performance for heavy duty solutions


It's not just your mobile application solutions we can address, we can connect all through your analytics, reporting on web, across various data connectivity, and integration with CRM, Operational Support, Sales, Analytic Dashboards and Business Intelligence'

Portfolio of Apps

Mobile Apps under development in both IOS and Android Platforms

Are you looking for Cutting Edge Mobile Apps - Business and Personal Apps?

We are always ready to cooperate. We try to help everyone and to make this world more beautiful. Contact us!

Behind the scene

People who are responsible for all

Jordan Bourne

Web designer

Jane Woods


John Philips



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